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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kitchen Preview

As mentioned last week, our kitchen cabinets were installed this week.  But instead of showing you guys what they look like in the bare kitchen, with no countertop, and no tile backsplash, I thought I'd just give you a little sneak preview of what the cabinets look like. 

But before we get to that, I thought I'd share with you how we came to choose our kitchen cabinets. I had lots of inspiring images of what I wanted our kitchen to look like.  It was pretty important to me to consume as many images of kitchen and baths as I could.  Gathering photos from websites like Pinterest and Houzz and magazines like Country Living and This Old House, helped me see a pattern in things that I was drawn to. 

Here are 3 things that kept catching my eye. 
1. White shaker style cabinets! They are fresh looking, and simple.  Which, to me is a recipe for a timeless kitchen.

2. Inset Cabinets. I never knew there were different profiles for cabinets until I really started paying attention. I kept being drawn to this slightly more "custom" looking cabinet.  

Traditional Kitchen by Vancouver Home Builders Rockridge Fine Homes

Here is an image that I found that shows the difference.  See how the inset door sits into the face of the cabinet and how the overlay door sits on top?
I was worried that having the door sit inside the face would decrease the amount of storage in the cabinet, but it doesn't really affect the storage space. This is because the overlay cabinets rest on the lip, inside most cabinets, and you can't store anything on that lip anyway.

3. Having a different color island than the perimeter cabinets. 
Read This Before You Redo a Kitchen

To me, this kitchen has it all.  The white inset cabinets and a dark island - oh the island. It makes. me. swoon.  I love the dark island and how it grounds the space.  And I love the added texture with the bead board.  

So with those basic inspirations in mind.... I give you, a glimpse of our cabinets

Perimeter Cabinets

White Inset Cabinets :-)

Island Cabinets

Black Inset Cabinets with Bead Board Inlay

back side of the island

We are soooo pleased with how the cabinets turned out! Every time I walk in and see them, it usually takes me about 10 minutes of starring and smiling before I can get myself together and do what I came there to do.  Its really has become a problem when I'm just walking through to get something out of the garage.  I guess I need to just start allowing myself more time if I know I'm going by the kitchen. #newkitchenproblems

I'll save talking about the bathroom inspiration for another day! Hope you all have had a great weekend! 

I'm helping Saint Steve install windows this week! Exciting!