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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kitchen Details

The after pictures that I posted on the Kitchen: Before and After post were nice but they were pretty plain.  Now that we have lived here for over a month now, I felt we should update the blog with pictures of the actual "lived-in" kitchen.  Plus you can see where we added color and texture and the new counter stools.

Also, here is the wide view of the Kitchen and Dining room which I have been unable to photograph until now.

This is my happy place.  It was one of the biggest and first tasks we wanted to accomplish when we first started brainstorming what we were to do when we renovated.

This is the same view from before the renovation.
Honestly.  I almost don't even believe it! When I look at this picture, I feel like someone has wrapped their fingers around my neck and are closing off my airway.  -Slightly dramatized but yet, it conveys the spirit of how this part of the house made me feel.  Suffocated and cut off.  Now? Open and ready to party!

 Yes, there are some new additions to the kitchen since you last saw it.  The new counter stool have been working overtime since we assembled them after our trip to IKEA.

And I got these canisters for Christmas from my mother-in-law. 

 I love the antique feel they have and their copper finish ties in with our copper sink and island lights.

We have also been trying to add subtle color in other ways like through dish towels, rugs, and fruit on the island.

Overall I think things are really coming together for this lil' ol' kitchen o' mine.  I'm just gonna let her shine!

 And I thought I would end today's post with a funny story.  Would you like to hear it?

Well, whenever I preheated my oven, there came along with it a very strong propane smell.  So much so that I turned on the vent hood to help clear out the fumes.  Not only that, but it seemed like it took forever to preheat.  This went on for a couple of weeks until I said something to Saint Steve. So SS and I came over to the oven and turned the oven on and waited for the fumes to come.  They gradually got stronger and stronger and all of a sudden...


A big fireball shot out the bottom of the oven! 

"Whoa" Said Laura.
"I don't think it is suppose to do that", said SS. :-)

So we turned the oven off and started to disassemble the inside of the oven.  The first thing we did was remove the oven liner I had placed at the bottom of the oven - you know to catch anything that might fall to the bottom of the oven.  When we removed that, there was a warning on the bottom that said, "do not cover with foil".  Oh.

Well...  I mean.. Ooops.  Yes, the fireball was, of course, my mistake because I had not seen the warning when I had placed the liner there. The liner was preventing the flow of propane, so it built up below the oven; when the oven eventually did light, Ka-boom!

So word to the wise.  Check before you cover the bottom of your oven.  :-)

Any fireballs coming from your oven? Or other house-mishaps?

Don't miss a beat.  
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