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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Parade of Homes: The Big One

Welcome back friends! If you are just tuning in, on Sunday I walked you through four home tours on the Parade of Homes that we went on a couple of weekends ago in our county.  If you missed those first four tours, click here to see them!

And today, I saved the best for last! This home is what I call The Big One.  This couple built themselves almost 7000 square feet in order to house them and their 8 children.

8. Whoa. Geez. That's a lot of kiddos. 

Which, you have to agree, probably warrants a lot of square footage.  Lets take a look, shall we?

House #5

The Exterior: Loving that copper accent (of course... you know me and my love for copper)!

The Entryway: Loving the large chandelier and the warm and creamy color against the white trim. The color reminded us of the color we just painted our living room.

The Home Office: Loving the masculine wood built-ins and floating desk.  (These could totally be DIYable - similar to these from Young House Love, don't you think?

The Dining Room: Loving all of this! Wow! That navy is beautiful! And the layered crown molding with board and batten below? Stunning.

The Great Room: Loving the large chunky mantel and that sofa table. You could totally build that sofa table too. 

The Powder Room: Loving that mirror and fancy shmancy wallpaper.  Michael was not a fan...shocking. Admittedly, it is pretty glam for any man (slant rhyme intended). 

The Kitchen: Loving the cabinets with glass uppers, that ginormous fridge with coffee bar and ice machine next to it.  I was just saying the other day, I could see how a free standing ice machine might be a nice thing to have...especially if you had 8 kids.

The Breakfast Area: Loving the window seat behind the table and the double chandeliers.

The Master Bedroom: Loving that upholstered headboard and the blue/grey and tan color scheme

The Master Bath: Loving the vanity area and the big soaker tub with coffered ceiling over the tub (who does that)?!

The Mudroom: Loving the cabinet color (they are a little more blue in person than they are coming across in the picture) and the light fixture and all that storage above and below

The Laundry Room: Loving the space for laundry baskets (there are 8!), the drawer pulls, and laundry canisters. I also really liked the laminate countertops - looks like a dark butcher block.

The Upstairs Landing: Loving the little library nook that is to the left as you come up the stairs and that the hallway is open to the great room downstairs

The Kids Room: there were 6 of them, but this is the best one.  Loving the built-ins with window seat!  Heck with the master bedroom, I call this room!

The Bathrooms: There are 6 of them (including the master bath). Because, you know, as Michael said... "just in case you get home and everyone has to pee at the exact same time! No one has to wait!"  Seems logical.)

The Basement: Loving the large space and the bar area, and of course it wouldn't be complete without a wine room!  (I'm sure the parents deserve a glass of wine -or a room full of wine- every now and then!)
So what did you think? What was the standout room for you?  Mine was definitely the dining room - although to be fair, it was probably the most decorated room of the whole show.  Regardless, I was in love! But some close seconds were the mudroom/laundry room as well as that bedroom with the built-ins.  But how 'bout that kitchen!?

What would you have to have in a home if you had 8 kids?  I would say a laundry shoot.  I didn't see one.. But then again, 7000sqft, maybe I missed it!

 What was a stand out room for you?  Anything you'd love to recreate for your own home? Which was your favorite home of the 5 featured? 

Don't miss a beat.  
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