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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Finding Inspiration for a Blue Bedroom

For the longest time I have had a hard time envisioning what I wanted our bedroom to look like...

Slowly but surely, pinterest and I have been figuring it out. 

A Blue, Blue Bedroom
Crisp blue and white bedroom
Beautiful! A Blue and White Bedroom
 LOVE this master bedroom the dark wood, navy blue walls, with all the white
For all photo sources, click on the pictures. 

Are you picking up on a theme here?  There were some common denominators throughout these pictures that are helping me find direction for our bedroom:  Navy-Grey Walls, White Linens, Wood Furniture, Natural Area Rug, Patterned Curtains.

Lets take an itemized look at that, shall we?

Navy-Grey Walls:   I've been loving navy every since I started decorating our dining room or possibly before that, when we picked out our siding.  Navy seems to be a big, up-and-coming color.

In our bedroom I'm looking for a greyed out navy... let's call it Gravy.  

Everything else on our first floor is nice and light.  I thought it might be fun to bring in a dark and moody color to the walls of our bedroom.  Plus, I work night shift and bringing in the color of the night sky just sounds like the right environmental touch to keep me sleeping during the day.  (More info about how I work night shift and still love my life here.) 

I haven't bought any paint samples yet, but I have been going about my normal paint picking process.  Here are the Gravy colors I am considering at this point (all Benjamin Moore).

Hale Navy
Bed and sconces

Black Pepper

Evening Dove
desk by the bed

 Newburyport Blue
We'll see! Any favorites?

Bedding: I pretty much have all our bedding at this point.  Although, I am open to adding some patterned sheets or even a big down blanket and duvet for the winter.   But currently, here is what the bedding looks like:

A bit underwhelming but I think once the walls get some colors and we get some curtains hung, it will help elevate things nicely.

The blue and white quilt was made for us as a wedding gift - so special.  The white coverlet was bought at HomeGoods.

The seafoam pillows (the color doesn't photograph the best) are all from TJMaxx.  I like the idea of adding in splashes of other colors and I decided to choose seafoam green as the prominent accent color since that is what the color of the bathroom will be (currently its more of a teal but eventually we will repaint it - possibly a lightened palladian blue).

I also thought small splashes of coral would be pretty too (we'll see what Michael thinks about that!). 
I also am in the market for a euro sham like this:...but not at $50 a piece. 

I have not found a less expensive option yet...
I also like this pillow I found on etsy... but same problem here with $50 a sham.
 John Robshaw for Duralee Prasana in Bluebell Decorative Pillow Cover Square, lumbar or Euro pillow cover, accent pillow throw pillow
Looks like I'll be breaking out the sewing machine again so I don't have to break the bank!

Furniture: ***Embarrassment Alert! Ever since we got married (4 years ago), my hubby and I have been using a full size bed. We had to borrow the bed because we didn't have a lot of money when we got married. The size has never been ideal, but we keep postponing a new bed because other expenses have come up. So as soon as we find a bed frame that we like, we will be upgrading to a queen and give our less-than-ideal sized bed back to my parents.  Embarrassment Alert over.***

There are two types of beds that I'm digging.
Just found this Metal Beds - Townsend Metal Bed -- Orvis on!
Antique Wooden

Antique Carved Ball & Bell Rope Bed - Queen
Thoughts?  Keeping in mind that we have our bed in the corner of the room, I am leaning toward the metal bed since it feels lighter.  But I can be persuaded.

It's very difficult to find bedside tables that work since our bed is in the corner (which I have considered moving).  Right now we are using this antique piano stool so Michael can have his Kleenexes on standby.  But what I'm open to suggestions if you guys have ideas.

Then in the space near the bathroom I thought some type of glass linen cabinet would be great.  I'd love to find an antique one at an auction or on craigslist but we'll see.  Something like this height and width would be great. 

If I get too impatient, I may choose this one from Ikea and paint it another color. 
HEMNES Linen cabinet IKEA Made of solid wood, which is a durable and warm natural material. Both shelves are adjustable to four different positions.
Then, somewhere in our room, I'd like to find a place for a little chair.  I think we have enough space.  Possibly something like this:


Natural Area Rug: I like the idea of adding some lightness and texture underneath the bed.  Not only that, but it would be nice to not have to step out of bed, directly onto the cold hardwood floor.  I was trolling Target the other day and I found their Diamond Wool Rug.  It felt really soft and still had a great texture to it.  Here is a picture.
So maybe that or something similar might work.

Patterned curtains: I am pretty much in a constant state of looking for fabric.  But there are certain ones that continue to catch my eye.  This was one of them.

So I bought it! I bought 10 yards in order to make 4 panels for our 2 windows in the bedroom.  The great thing about the fabric is that I can use either this side that is pictured above, or the negative of it which is on the opposite side- pictured below.
I plan to use the side with the white background and blue pattern to keep the room from getting too dark.  I got a super good deal on them! It's Robert Allen Jacobean Toss Indigo.  I got 60% off with an additional 10% off at Joann Fabric. Score!  Its super nice fabric -very heavy.  I'm excited to make the curtains and get them hung.... as soon as we paint and buy some curtain rods.

So that's where we are at! I am hoping to go grab some paint samples soon and start the month long pondering session.  You know I'll keep you in the loop!

Don't miss a beat.  
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