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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Laura Lately: October Edition

Hi there friends.  If you missed me last Sunday, I was just taking a little time away from the blog in order to concentrate on some other things going on, more on that some other time. :-) But I'm back this Sunday with a 'lil thing I like to call Laura Lately.  Once a month I throw some things your way that I've been up to lately.  Feel free to throw it right back!  I'd love to know these things about you too!

Shall we?..

Lately I can't get enough of..

Party Planning!

Remember last month when I told you about all the party planning I was doing?  Well it's party time!

Thursday was the party that I helped throw for my work family.

Smart, Caring, Hilarious, and Inspiring.  They are truly some of the best and brightest people I know and I'm so blessed to work along side them.  Our little fall party was a great way to all hang out together and not have to worry about call lights and IV pumps....not that we would ever mind dealing with either of those things ;-)

So that was this week.  Next week is our Halloween party.   Here's the invitation I made and had printed out.

And then the weekend after that is my Sister-in-Law's shower.  Looking forward to having them home and showering them with love and congratulations.


Lately I've been watching...

Gilmore girls is on Netflix, ya'll! And I've been catching up on lost time.  

I caught a few episodes here and there when the show was still on but never really followed it.  When I saw that it was added to Netflix, I knew it was a show I was going to really enjoy! I love a show where all the characters, town included, are so quirky and unique in their own right.  I'm hooked.


 Lately I've been shopping for...

I have been looking for some wicker chairs for the dining room for a while.  I finally settled on these from IKEA.  Michael was traveling through Chicago the other day and was able to pick a pair up.

He also grabbed some curtain rods for our bedroom since we are in the midst of finally (finally!!) painting our bedroom! So be looking forward to seeing the progress we have made in their soon! 


Lately I've been munching on...

Apples. Apples. and more Apples.  One of my favorite apple recipes is for an apple fritter cake.  Here's the link for the recipe.  Yummmmm.... Enjoy!


Lately I'm looking forward to...

The changes that I am planning for the blog.  I made mention several weeks back that big changes were coming to the blog but I haven't shared much more because I wasn't sure how long the process would take.  Now that the ball is fully rolling and getting closer to it's destination, I can tell you.  I am gearing up to change the blog's name and look.  I'm really excited to change the name and I will tell you all more about that soon.  I will explain why I felt like it needed to change and what its new name will be.  So stay tuned!

Now what about you? What have you been watching, shopping for, eating lately?  What have you been looking forward to?  What can't you get enough of lately? I'd love to know...

Don't miss a beat.  
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