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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Come Shop With Me...

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Emily asked if I wanted to head up to Chicago to do some Christmas shopping.  There is just something about shopping in Chicago at Christmas time that just feels right.  It might be the beautifully decorated evergreens - aglow with lights, it might be the tastiness of Starbucks on every corner energizing you with Christmas goodness, or it might be the nipping cold that makes you wonder, "Why the heck do I only shop here in the middle of winter?!". 

So that's what we did Wednesday.  We took the train from South Bend to Chicago and 2 1/2 hours later we arrived, bundled and ready to shop.  All the stores seemed to be spilling over with deals and goodies, but there was one store that we had on our list that was the biggest hit in our book.  For a foodie and home decor loving pair, Crate and Barrel had us all-a-twitter (the feeling, not the social media). 

And last year when I was with my friend Beth at Crate and Barrel, we found tons of goodies... that's where I bought my copper snowflakes that I just love.  I was all geared up for a successful trip!

And success it was! So successful, I thought I'd share some of my favorite parts with you. 

 The first thing to greet us was this pretty tablescape.  Here's a close up picture of the details.

Emily was big on that plate and bowl set.  Meee too! And I was also a fan of the beaded garland casually strung across the table.  Fun.  It's just fun.

This pretty plate also caught my eye.  I love the subtle pattern... it kind of reminds me of a certain wintery Pixar movie, don'tcha think?!

Oh and these glasses.  Looks like Elsa got her hands on these!  Sooooo pretty! (But, $10 a glass?  I just had to let it go... ;-)
 I would love them on a table full of white and silver like this or a woodsy one like this

They also had the cutest collection of holiday tea towels.  I picked one up (not pictured) for a stocking stuffer.  

Something I bought for myself was one of these cute little wooden trivets.  

Something else I wanted to buy for myself was one of these beautiful metal bowls.  Oh my goodness!
I love the hammered design that really could translate to any season. 

These cookbooks were fun too and would have been great for gifts. 
Emily's pick was this one.  Have you ever heard of a tiny food party?  Me neither! But she had and she got really excited about this book full of recipes and ideas.  Tiny pop tarts?! Michael would die!  

I loved this one:  The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie.  Now if that doesn't scream home, I don't know what does?

They had a large selection of really unique ornaments too, here are a few favorites.  

Since I'm copper obsessed, this one was my absolute favorite.  A sparkly spiky copper pine cone!! I wish it would have made sense to buy one, I likely would have... it just wouldn't work on our tree.  

Here was another very pretty tablescape.  This one is nice because it seems to transition to New Years pretty easily.  

Oh and this really pretty silver magnolia wreath and garland - someone needs to buy it.  Please buy it and send me a picture so I can be satisfied and jealous all at the same time.  I'll even give you the link

They also had the coolest rocking chair that was just screaming for someone to bring it home to their cabin in the woods.   Cozy Cozy Cozy.

And finally these little appetizer dishes.  We even came back to try to decide if we were going to purchase them.  Aren't they fun!? Beer in various countries!  A great gift for that hard to buy for person!

We had so much fun that I just had to share it with all of you.  Hope all your Christmas shopping is going well! Other than shopping in Chicago, mine has mostly consisted of online orders.  That's the way I like it... as long as it includes free shipping.  :-)

Don't miss a beat.  
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