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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nursery: The Great Scout-Doorsman

Hi All! What a fun week it has been finding out the gender of our little one -click here if you missed the reveal. Now that we finally know it is a boy that will be joining us in about 20 weeks (gahhh!!), it's time to get going on the nursery and preparing for his arrival.  

I have known for a while that if we had a boy that his nursery would have a pretty strong campy, outdoorsy, woodsy, Boy Scout-y theme.  Why that in particular?  Well the daddy of this little guy, Michael, is an Eagle Scout.  And so was his dad.  What a fun way to honor that tradition than welcoming the next generation into a home surrounded by all things Scouting.  And it's just plain fun! 

So lets look at some of the details I am cooking up. 

Boy Scout, Camping, Woodsy, Woodland Nursery Mood Board

1. Lantern Light 
A classic lantern would certainly set the mood of the room, as it usually does.  I love this camp-like lantern pendant. 

2. Benjamin Moore Nantucket Grey
I am still unsure of what color we may go with but this color by BM may be a good option.  I like how it is kind of an army green/grey.  I also think a khaki color may work.  We'll see.  Overall I think that the color scheme for the room will be khaki, army green, navy, with pops of red. 

3. Crib sheets
Oh my goodness.  These crib sheets are so so cute.  And there are so many cute woodland themed sheets on etsy.  It was hard to just choose one to highlight.  We went and started to register this weekend and found nothing at the store that would work with our theme.  So it looks like ordering them online will be the plan for our crib bedding.  

4. Curtains
I like to make my own curtains in general and I have some ideas cooked up for some cheap DIY curtains for our little guy's room.  I like these canvas grommeted curtains but I think I can make my own....with a fun little spin on it.
5. Mountain Pillow
I'm all about adding whimsical little touches like this pillow to keep this room from becoming too serious. 

6. Rug
Texture is important.  And a soft rug will be a must for our boy as he grows and starts to play on the floor of his room.  So I really like this soft faux sheepskin rug.  I also like the price a lot.  I am just concerned about keeping it clean...

7. Boy Scout/Vintage Camping Art
Michael got all of his Boy Scout stuff out this week and was showing me a lot of it.  He even has some of his dad's old stuff... which was really fun to see.  Old books, old merit badges, and lots of memories.  I'd like to think of a clever way of displaying some of it in the nursery.

8. Felt campfire
This. is. so. fun.  And I want it!

9. Slipcovered Glider
Gliders and ottomans are crazy expensive.  So I am exploring different options for getting/making a slipcovered chair for the nursery.
10. Jenny Lind Crib & a Planked Wall
I love the jenny lind style cribs.  I like their simplicity but nod to vintage.  So we will be purchasing a wood stained version.  Behind the crib I'd like to plank the wall to add a different texture and bring a cabin-y feel to the room. 

11. Clever Storage
I just love how Lisa added this fun diaper storage to the side of the changing table that is not only functional but cute! Update: Michael just told me that those diaper bins are buckets from an old grain bucket elevator...which is so cool because that's what Michael does for a living!! He designs and engineers grain processing equipment! Now I really love them! Maybe I can find some similar ones somewhere...

12. Dresser Changing Table
We are on the hunt for a great dresser for our changing table.  Wood stained, straight lines, with lots of drawers would be great.  I also love how Lindsay hung these wire baskets above it for storage.  So cute. 

So that's where the plans are for now! I will keep you updated as things progress!

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