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Sunday, January 4, 2015

What the Old Wives Are Saying: Boy or Girl?

People say a lot of things when you share the news that you are pregnant.  It's been fun hearing people share their experiences with us.  But after a while you begin to notice some of the same beliefs being brought up again and again about pregnancy.  Some of them are so commonly said that they fall into the category of Old Wives Tales....especially when it comes to guessing the gender.

So on the eve of our ultrasound, I thought it would be fun to go through some of these Old Wives Tales and see what the Old Wives are Saying: Boy{b} or Girl{g}?

Heart Rate: Below 140{b} or Above 140{g}?

 Above 140

Morning Sickness: Yes{g} or No{b}?


Skin: Dry{b} or Soft{g}?


Chinese Calendar: Boy{b} or Girl{g}?


Pregnancy Acne: Yes{g} or No{b}?


Clumsy{b} or Graceful{g}?


Moody{g} or Pleasant{b}?


Cravings: Salty{b} or Sweet{g}?


Sleeping: Right side{g} or Left Side{b}?

Left Side

Based off the 'Ol Wives, looks like we're havin a boy!.... which is kind of the way I have been feeling lately.  The biggest reason that I think we are having a boy is because on both my side and Michael's side, boys are the oldest of siblings: both our dads, Michael, my brother, our nephew... all were the first born. So we'll see if that pattern is continuing!

How much stock do I take in any of this?  About zero.  I may have a feeling but, being a nurse, I know it is totally up to chance and that these old wives tales have no scientific backing.  But it's fun to talk about and speculate! 

What do you think we are having? I'd love to tally up your guesses and see what the consensus is!  And, of course, stay tuned for the big news!

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