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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Laura Lately: Overdue Edition

I realized that one of the last times I did one of these was what I called  "Laura Lately: Golden Week Edition."  It was when I turned 27 years old on my 27th week of pregnancy.  That was all the way back in the first week of March! So it seems fitting to end this pregnancy with a final Laura Lately... an Overdue Edition.

Lately I've Been Feeling:

Great! Everybody is doing well and staying healthy.  I think people keep expecting me to say, now that I'm overdue, that I'm miserable... but I really am not! Other than some mild aches and being hot all. the. time.,  I am still feeling surprisingly good! 

I'm not to this point quite yet.  (Poor Rachel).

Lately I've Been Asked:

"You're still here?!"  This week at work, I probably heard this at least 5200 times.  But this weekend, I worked my last scheduled days.  And now it's nice to know that next time I show up at the hospital, I'll be leaving with a baby... and much less swollen ankles (hopefully). 

Lately I've Been Advised To:

Sleep as much as I can
Stock up on easy meals
Enjoy grocery shopping solo
Eat spicy food
Eat out with Michael
Take a ride down a bumpy country road
Jump on a trampoline
Enjoy time with just the two of us
Walk, walk, and walk some more


Lately I've Been Worried About:

Labor, it's kind of a scary deal.  Especially when you're a nurse and you know too much.  But I'm confident in my OB and about the care I'll receive.  And not to mention the amount of prayer that we are receiving.  Thanks so much everyone!!

Lately I've Been Excited About:

Um... meeting our little baby boy!! I am excited to see who this little guy is! I am excited to know his ins and outs.  Make memories with him. Comfort him. Teach him. Snuggle him. And be his first love.  I'm also excited to introduce him to all of you!!!

Not sure when I'll be back to the blog, but rest assured I will update you and introduce you guys to our little man once he has arrived! Thanks so much to everyone for your excitement and encouragement through this time.  Having you all to share in our joy has made it that much sweeter.  You're all the best!

Laura, Michael, & Baby Blough

***Thanks to my super talented friend Beth Wilson for our maternity pictures! It was so special to have her be a part of this.  We love the fact that you were there to capture this moment in time for us.  (We also love that all the pics were taken in and around our home!! Super special!!)  Here's a link to her website to see all her talents.  

Don't miss a beat.  
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