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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rug Fail.

If it feels like the home progress is a bit slow around here, it's not just you.  That has been the way it has been for the month of August.  And the biggest contributor to our slow movement is that we just got back from the great state of Alaska! Yes, August home progress was put on hold so that we could prep and go on our 10-day Alaskan vacay!

But we are back and it's full steam ahead in rooms like the bedroom, bathroom, and hallway.  YAY! Not only that but big changes are coming to the blog this fall.  I will fill you all in on more of those details as they materialize! But get excited! 

Also, more to come about our Alaskan Vacation!

But first....

"Good things come to those who wait."

That's what my mom always taught me.  And I have found that to be true my whole life... until now. :)

Last spring I talked to you all about buying a rug for the dining room.
I continued to look, not committing to anything except the idea that it had to be navy and white striped and it had to be indoor/outdoor.

And then I found the oxford stripe indoor/outdoor rug on sale at Pottery Barn.

The price was right (I got it for a good deal less than it's listed for now).  The indoor/outdoor was right.  The navy and white stripe was right.  So I pounced and ordered it.  It was back-ordered and I was told it would show up anywhere between August and October - this was May when I ordered it.

Good things come to those who wait, right?  So I waited.  

And then one day, in early August, the rug arrived!

hmmmm.... something is just not right.

"Let's just live with it for a week.  Maybe our eyes just need to adjust to having a rug there."

So we waited some more.  

But the more we waited, the more certain I was that the rug was going back. 
1. Turns out an 8x10 rug is too big for the space.
2. It doesn't lay flat well at all - too wrinkly.  To be fair, it may get better with time but I still think it would look a bit messy with the vertical stripes (I thought they were going to be horizontal).  
3. The material is different than what I expected and I don't feel that it would be a good fit for a dining room.

The material is said to be made of recycled plastic and reversible for double wear.  Those things sound like a good thing and like they would be easy to clean.  No.  It feels more like a thick and textured canvas - not super scrubbable.  The material grabs dirt and holds on tight.  Even when it had only been down a week the dirt did not come off of it easily.  And it showed crumbs like mad.  The navy highlighted it and the white didn't hide it.  So long story short, I knew I would hate this rug.  So it went back.

I could see this rug maybe being better suited for a playroom or a bedroom but certainly not around food. 

And now?  Well I think we are settled on doing without a rug for this space.  At least for now.  It think it may just be easier.

And we also have some fun ideas for the chairs in the dining room too! Then we'll put our big stamp of approval on that room and call it DONE! Woot!

Things are moving ahead in some other rooms too (i.e. the hallway and the bedroom and the bathroom) and I cannot wait to show you all!

Don't miss a beat.  
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