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Friday, November 14, 2014

Master Bedroom Progress

It seems like forever ago that I talked to you about the ideas I had for our master bedroom

We have lived here for just short of a year with our walls stark white.  So going from this...

to this... quite something. 

I'm loving the blue we decided on.  It was not actually a blue that I had mentioned in the inspiration post but it's one that I have had my eye on for a while.  It's Benjamin Moore's Vandusen Blue.  It certainly is not the darkest navy out there but dark enough to feel cozy and dramatic, with just enough of a gray tint in it to not smack you in the face. 
You'll notice we moved the bed out of the corner of the room.  We liked it in the corner, it just was not very practical.  When Michael found out that he was gaining a proper bedside table, he was ecstatic.  I mean, seriously.  You would have thought I gave this guy a brand new car (on second thought, he's not much of a car guy... how 'bout some brand new fancy shmancy engineering software... or whatever.)  Anyway.  He was excited. 

I'd like to find two matching bedside tables for both sides of the bed.  It would be great if they had drawers all the way down - for the storage and to hide the outlets (the blue doesn't exactly hide them).  Then I need to finds some lamps.
We also got ourselves a new light fixture. It's from Joss & Main.  
I really like how the weathered wood finish pops off of the dark walls.  And I think it elevates the room and makes it feel more sophisticated/master bedroom-y.
And the curtains are made from fabric I had been eyeing forever and got a super fabulous deal on months ago, but it looks like that deal comes up every so often so keep a look out if you are interested! 

Now all the room needs is a rug (probably something light and natural fiber), a small desk, a cozy chair, and some art work.
And an organizational system for my jewelry would be great too.  Not that my rock'n'roll hand doesn't do the trick.  :-)
The color and the curtains are leaps in the right direction but there are a lot of things needing to be done before we can call this baby done! So stay tuned! You know I'll keep you updated!

Don't miss a beat.  
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