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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Home For the Holidays Tour

Hi everyone! Welcome to this here blog! If you are new here, thanks for stopping by! I hope you stay a while and click around.  If you like what you see.. let's be friends. Check me out on bloglovin, pinterest, or instagram

If you've been a frequent flyer here, you get 10,000 points for showin' up today.  That's just the kind of generous ship I run around here.  ;-) You're welcome!

Anywho... I know the real reason you came was to stalk through my home, checking out how I've decorated for Christmas.  So I'll leave you to that.

Let me start out by showing you my problem area.  The front porch is my biggest weakness.  Meaning, I don't know what to do with it.  And since we never enter our own home through the front door, it's out of sight, out of mind.  It gets pretty neglected.

I kept it pretty simple with a little greenery and a sweet little antique sled I have had for a couple years.

Our entryway has been pretty plain for a while... until now! It's been so fun to get it all dressed up for the holidays.  I found the mirror half off at Hobby Lobby and I made the swag from a couple picks I bought at Michael's.

I also set up our nativity scene on the entry table. I love the "Oh Holy Night" faux chalk piece next to it.  A friend gave it to me last year and I just love it. 

I kept the kitchen fairly simple - just a bit of greenery above the cabinets and something to dress up the island.

I found these pretty votives at TJMaxx that have a copper/mercury glass/frosted treatment on them and I couldn't say no.  In fact I said quite the opposite.  I said, "Yes! I'll take six!"

Then I set them on a piece of old pallet wood with a bit of greenery on it.

I'm. A. Big. Fan. 

Next, can I just say... I love our dining room.  It is one of my favorite places to decorate.

I decided to set the table for this little tour.  I probably should invite some people over so it doesn't go to waste.  Michael and I only eat at the dining table when we have guests.

This is how much I love Christmas: When we registered for dishes for our wedding, I chose these because I knew they would look great at Christmas time.  #christmasallthetime

For the centerpiece, I just wound some artificial garland that I had wrapped with silver ribbon around some candles and candle sticks.   I added in some red jingle bells and sparklies to make it pop.

The center is a cloche that I filled with some of my favorite ornaments.  I bought them at a garage sale a couple years ago.  Red ribbon to tie it all in. 

Last year I purchased these copper snowflakes at Crate and Barrel and just love them! I was having a hard time knowing what to do with them this year until I decided to attach them to the back of the end chairs.  I added some greenery behind it and secured it all with a straight pin.

And a special thanks goes to my mom who unknowingly donated all the real greenery.  I snuck over the other day and stole a bunch that had fallen from her trees.  Thanks mom!!  

Every year we get so many wonderful Christmas cards and I just LOVE it!! It always brightens my day when I get a new one in the mail.  So I rigged up some ribbon on the top of the beadboard trim and got out the clothes pins.

Finally, the living room.

I love that I was able to finally complete my vision of hanging lit garland above our openings. During the renovation we had decided to installed outlets up there for that very reason.  And it feels SO good to see that vision come to life!!

Also, I bought the garland last year after Christmas at Hobby Lobby FOR CHEAP!  It's just plain garland that I wrapped lights around and added some red sparkly picks to make them feel a little more substantial.  

I have decorated my tree the same way for years now.  I think this is the last year for the candy cane ribbon and bow.  It was fun while it lasted...

It seems like every year I have a new favorite ornament that I like to hang right in front.  This year it's this ornament.

After my grandma passed away last Thanksgiving, all the family members chose one of the ornaments from her tree.  She always had the most beautiful Christmas tree. This is the one that I chose, I just love it. And it will always make me think of her.

I'm also very attached to this one.  I found it hanging on our tree last year.  My Aunt and Uncle (remember Saint Steve!?) had snuck it on there when we weren't looking to commemorate moving into our first home.  :-)

I switched out my pillow covers for some of these H&M white and grey plaid ones.  They are so soft and a great price.  My reindeer pillow has been around a couple years.  I got it on sale after Christmas one year at Pier 1 and I am pretty sure I saw it for sale this year too.

And this red pillow is one of two that I have had for a while, I just have a cover over them when it is not Christmas time.  


And isn't this just the cutest Santa you have ever seen?! He's one of my all time favorite Christmas decorations that I have had since I was little.  He's a piggy bank but he's going to sit on my coffee table because I love him.  :-)

So this is where I was going to take you into the bedroom and show you what I did in there but I just feel like things have gotten a little long winded so I guess I'll stop here.  I will show ya'll the bedroom and bathroom decorations on Sunday... How's that sound?! Great! I'm glad we are in agreement.   You guys are the best!

Well thanks for stopping by!! PLEASE don't miss out on the other talented blogger on this blog hop! You've got to hop around and see what they've done.

You can't deny you don't love snooping into people's homes.  If you didn't, you wouldn't be here right now.  ;-) Gotcha!

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