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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Great ScoutDoorsman Nursery Revealed!

It's a big day here on the blog.  Today's the day I show you what we've been working on since January. 

You all have been with us from the beginning, when we announced our next big project...
pregnancy announcement, construction

And when we shared with you that Baby Blough is a boy!
Gender Reveal, paint can

And now I am happy to announce that we are finished with the nursery well before our estimated construction deadline (and due date) of May 28th.

Remember where I was going with the plans for the nursery?  The Great ScoutDoorsman.

Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery

Well let's see how we did.

Here is where we started.  This room had functioned as our guest room/office.  It was not painted (just primed) and was left pretty much undecorated.

Because why decorate it when we were planning to convert it to a nursery as soon as the time came? 

And the time has come! (insert the I Love Lucy reference here)
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery

Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery

You may notice that we switched up the artwork behind the crib.  A couple posts ago there was a world map hanging up there with the words "Adventure is Out There" painted on it.  I really liked it there until I started to hang the other artwork up.  Then the colors started to feel really off and the whole room just started to feel very word-heavy.  We had ordered these antique arrows from ebay months ago, figuring we could find a place to incorporate them into the room.  So when we took down the map, I tried to see if they would work in the space as either a mobile or as artwork.  The mobile didn't work out, but I love the way they look up on the wall.  Simple. and Boy. 

Speaking of Simple and Boy.  Check out the quilt.  My friend Emily made it for us!!!
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery.  Gingham Quilt

It is absolutely one of my favorite things in the room.  Not only does it fit in the room, it means so much to us that it was made with love by someone that means so much to us.
 Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery.  Gingham Quilt. Simple Bedding
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery.  Gingham Quilt

The room's light is something that gave me a big headache.  I bought it at the Habitat ReStore.  I tried several different things to get it to feel right in the room.   I finally got it right when I started threading some twine through the wire in a herringbone pattern.

I wouldn't recommend that project unless you have lots of free time and are looking for a sore neck.
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery.  Rope Herringbone Light

The curtain is the simplest curtain I have ever made! I'll tell you more about it sometime.
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery.

The swivel rocker was another element we agonized over.  Buy new? Buy off craigslist?  Well finally, after being failed by craigslist, we decided to invest in a swivel rocker from a local place.  We got to pick out the upholstery and everything #superfancy.  And for only a $30 upcharge, we had it coated with an upholstery protector #supernecessary.
Bonus: It's extremely comfortable. 

The wall light is IKEA -I wrapped the shade with more twine and spray painted the finish oil-rubbed bronze. 

Here's the very first thing we bought for the nursery.
Burp Cloth Storage

I guess you'd call it a tool box of some kind, made with some tree branches.  It works perfectly for us to store burp cloths for now and books later on.

Turning counterclockwise in the room is the changing station.
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Changing Station
My mom let us have an old hutch that was my grandma's.  We added some baskets below and on the sides for additional storage.  The top of the hutch was in a bit of rough shape, but nothing a burlap table runner couldn't fix.

We found this old butcher basket which worked out perfectly for the changing pad and other diaper changing necessities.
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Changing Station
 Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Changing Station
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Changing Station

Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Changing Station
The artwork above is some vintage national parks posters that were available free online for printing.  So we printed them and hung them in IKEA frames. 

Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Baby Box
The box is his baby box, already storing memories - like the sign that I used to spill the beans to Michael when I found out I was pregnant!
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Baby Box

And sitting on top of the box is something also very special.  Some of you know that Michael lost his dad when he was 7 years old.  Shortly after, a sweet lady took a couple of Michael's dad's shirts and made them into this little bear that they rightly named his "Daddy Bear."
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Daddy Bear
Michael's mom offered the bear to us for the nursery and I didn't have to think long before saying yes!  It's so special (kiddo won't be allowed to play with it).  I love having something of our little guy's grandpa in the room.

On the opposite wall we hung the adorable little camp signs that were made for one of my showers by my Aunt Janet and Saint Steve. 

Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Pallet Wood Camp Signs

 Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Pallet Wood Camp Signs
Is that not just the cutest rocking horse?  It is a locally-made piece gifted to us by my friend Kelly.  I just love it! And now Camp Blough can offer an equestrian program!  

The vintage picture is of a bunch of Boy Scouts taken in 1920.  We found it in our attic.  I love looking at all their serious little faces.  I also love how they are holding the American flag backwards in the picture. :-)

Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Vintage Boy Scout Photo

Finally, as you walk into the room you'll see that our bookcase is stocked and ready to go!
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Built In Shelves

The baskets below will be great for storing extra blankets for now and toys in the the future.
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Storage
 Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Built In Shelves. Storage

Above, we have a nice selection of books thanks to so many wonderful friends!  And a couple other nick nacks I've collected.

This metal file drawer was another attic find and is now storing medicine and first aid supplies.  
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery.

Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Built In Shelves
That little car is actually Michael's dad's pinewood derby car from when he was a Boy Scout.

And a lot of the Boy Scout books were either Michael's or his dad's. 
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Vintage Boy Scout Book

I also found this printable that summarizes everything I'm feeling.  Every time I read it, there are tears.
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was about to happen.

Around the corner you remember the chalkboard that I painted and wrote out the Boy Scout Law.  And that canoe up top?... just something that my mom had.  Who just has stuff like that?!  
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Boy Scout Law. Built In Bookshelf.  Chalkboard.
 I will show you how we organized the closet some other day. 
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Boy Scout Law. Built In Bookshelf.  Chalkboard.
How about that adorable little felt campfire set that my sister gave us?! Also note the felt s'more and felt marshmallow on a stick.  How fun is that?! The twig stars were made by my Aunt Susie and Uncle Jace.  They used them to decorate their shower gift and I told them I knew I could find a spot for them in the nursery. 
Outdoorsy, camping, boy scout nursery. Play felt Campfire.  Twig Stars.

We are thrilled with how everything has come together!  But here's the thing, what I love most about this room is the hand that others have played in getting it to this point.  I love that this room came together with the help of inherited furniture, family keepsakes and memories, and many many gifts (handmade and otherwise) from people that love us and love our little guy.  I look around and I see other people in this room and know this is just the first step in their part in his life.  What a lucky dude he is - to have so much love coming his way.

My heart is very thankful. 

Here's a source list from our nursery:

Crib: Wayfair (similar)
Rug: Home Decorators
Sheepskin Rug: Similar
Arrows: Ebay
Paint Color: Louisburg Green - Benjamin Moore
Light: Habitat ReStore, DIY'ed
Curtain: DIY'd from drop cloth bought at Lowe's
Swivel Rocker: Local - Larimer Furniture 
Ottoman: Wayfair
Large Changing Table Baskets: Target
Small Changing Table Baskets: Target
Changing Table Artwork: Free Vintage
Frames: IKEA
Wall Light: IKEA
Book Shelf Fabric Bins: Amazon
Adventure Printable:  Oh So Lovely Blog
Quilt Inspiration: Pinterest
Felt Fire Pit: Similar on Etsy
Rocking Horse: Locally Made
Camping Signs: DIY'd
Planked Wall Tutorial
Crib Skirt Tutorial
Built In Bookshelf Tutorial
Chalkboard Tutorial

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To see more about the nursery and how we organized it, click here

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