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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Complete Bathroom Before & After

Hey guys! I promised you all a couple weeks ago that I would be back with a post about the full bathroom renovation.  Today is that day.  Let's get started shall we?

One thing I don't think I have ever really showed you guys is what the bathroom looked like to begin with. 

Pretty nice, eh? Sponge-y floor, peel away tile, and a whole lot of laminate. 

There certainly was work to be done.

Not only did we gut the bathroom down to the studs, we also rearranged the layout. 
 We closed off the door from the hallway and created the entry into the bathroom from the new master bedroom (to see all our house's layout changes see this post) - creating a new master suite.  We also removed the closets in the bathroom and bedroom which gained us a large enough space to fit a good sized shower and tub.

 With all the extra space we got, we were really excited to fit a double vanity into our bathroom. 
It's 72 inches long and great.  I wish I would have thought a little bit more about how I wanted drawers of the vanity set up, but we have made it work for our needs.  I probably would have done a large drawer and then two smaller ones instead of the two larger ones.  Oh well! Live -renovate- and learn!

 There is one thing that we decided to do with our vanity that is my favorite! F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E!
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen.. 

We had our electrician put an outlet inside the bottom part of our center vanity cabinet.  That way we made ourselves a little electric toothbrush charging station.  It's freaking awesome!
I always kind of hated leaving our tooth brushes out on the vanity to charge.  And now we get to keep our toothbrushes safe from any particulates that may be flying around the bathroom... you know what I'm talkin' about.  

Yep.  Best. Decision. Ever. 

We debated a lot about the size of our shower but finally decided on a 4'x3' shower and it is perfect. 

My brother-in-law did the tile work for the shower as well as the floor for us and we think he did an awesome job! Super thankful for all his hard work and time.

The floor tile is something that was inspired by a home we saw when we were house hunting.  I love the feel of it.  It is kind of a playful, yet classic.  I think the basket weave pattern fits in well with having a clawfoot tub.  

When considering the layout for our bathroom we discussed a couple options.  One with a linen closet, one without.  Ultimately, we decided on the layout that felt more open - but it was the one without a linen closet.  I did have a couple of remedies for that linen closet problem.  

So, as you know, Michael and I built some floating shelves several weeks ago.  They turned out great and have really helped beautify the bathroom as well as store things like cotton balls, towels, toilet paper, etc.

Baskets were from Hobby Lobby and so are the little chalkboard plaques that I attached to them.  Genius find by my girl Kelly. 
The Psalm plaque is something I painted years ago and has found it's way into every bathroom we've had since we got married.

And the second part of my idea for storage outside a linen closet...
See what we did there, behind the tub? I had Saint Steve build out an area with the beadboard to bring the tub out more flush with the shower.  But I didn't want this bump out to be just a hollow box.  So I had him create a lid that I could open and have access to the inside of the bumpout.   We've always called it the bumpout but really I think, more accurately it should be described as a built in storage chest.
It's where we store assorted towels, extra toiletries, extra toilet paper, etc.. Stuff we don't need quite as frequently.

The only thing left to do is add art!  I have a waterlily painting by my Great Great Aunt Betty Jean and I love the idea of it hanging in here.  It is a nod to having our home on the river and it reminds me of her.  I think I'd be interested in re-framing it, probably with a thick wooden frame.

I am also thinking it may be kind of nice to add a simple roman shade in a fresh pattern on the window.  Someday, I'll get inspired by some fabric and I'll get that done.  But for now, this room is feeling refreshingly finished! Ahhh, now, all I need to do is fire up that bathtub and take a nice long soak!

But first..

Who wants to see a side by side comparison between the old bathroom and the new bathroom?.. I thought you might!

Source List:

Vanity: Leatherman Supply
Faucet and Fixtures: Delta Cassidy Collection bought through Amazon
Floor Tile: Metro Basket Weave Tile in Black and White from Home Depot
Subway Tile: Daltile 3x6 white tile Home Depot
Clawfoot Tub: Craigslist
Towel Bars: Gatco Designer II series from Lowes
Mirrors: Gatco Tilting Mirrors from Lowes
Vanity Lights: Wall Mount Sconce bought from Amazon
Towels: Kohls 
Bath Rugs: Target
Paint Color: Benjamin Moore, Quiet Moments

That's that!  Its exciting to have another room on the "mostly done" list.  And by "mostly done,"  I mean, it's actually painted.  :-)  To see our other finished rooms click on the corresponding links: kitchen, dining room, living room.

Don't miss a beat.  
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